Commercial Support

Granicus Data is the turnkey SaaS implementation of DKAN for government and non-profit use. Contact Granicus to schedule a demo, talk to a sales person, and learn more about Granicus' fully supported DKAN.

Other DKAN Support Options

These companies provide commercial DKAN implementation services for users that are not a good fit for the Granicus Data (DKAN) SaaS service. For example non-English or otherwise highly customized implementations of DKAN, private sector (non-governmental) customers, or for those requiring on-premise non-Cloud hosting.

Angry Cactus

Built numerous DKAN sites working closely with Granicus. Specialize in mulitlingual and custom.

National Democratic Institute

NDI offers DKAN as one of its DemTools 2.0 service.


Annai offers DKAN to Japanese government agencies including Kyoto.

Civic Actions

Experience customizing DKAN for large government agencies with Agile development process.