DKAN is an open source open data platform with a full suite of cataloging, publishing and visualization features that allows organizations to easily share data with the public.

workflow management interface

Easy to use and powerful data publishing workflows

DKAN features an easy-to-use interface for adding data. DKAN also includes an optional Workflow module, which allows data published by content creators to be reviewed by editors before publication. DKAN allows complex workflows to be taken out of ETL and other tools and into DKAN's easy-to-use interface.

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Built in visualization tools and drag and drop dashboards.

DKAN is more than a data catalog. DKAN makes it easy to tell stories with your data. DKAN features built-in charts and graphs tools and drag-and-drop dashboards so you don't need to rely on outside tools to tell stories with your data. See our demo site for examples.

screenshot of drag and drop dashboard

drag and drop dashboard interface

Easy to use

Powerful Drupal UI for all functions without code


UI for complex data workflow management

Roles + Permissions

Full UI for user management incl. groups

Native Viz Tools

Easy Charts + Dashboards tools (NVD3, React.js)

Drag-and-Drop Layouts

Drupal Panels layout configuration without coding


ArcGIS, Carto, SAFE FME, Tableau, Plot.ly, and more

Standards Compliant

Supports DCAT and US Project Open Data

Drupal Module Compatible

Native Drupal distribution extensible with Drupal modules

DKAN Collateral

Granicus offers a rich trove of collateral on how to use Granicus Data (DKAN) effectively.