DKAN v1.13 Officially Released

We’re excited to announce the official release of DKAN v1.13, one of our largest and most impactful point releases ever.

Major improvements include:

  • Data Harvesting: there is now a Harvester with a full UI, to support setting up automated data harvests without any coding required.
  • API improvements: there is now a DKAN Dataset REST API, and the DKAN Datastore API now supports complex query requests from contents within the Datastore, as well as multiple queries in a single request.
  • Metadata Standards: DKAN now natively supports the European Union’s DCAT-AP metadata standard; the Federal Extras module is also now part of DKAN Core, enabling DKAN to support US Project Open Data metadata standards out of the box, including form validation for same.
  • Data Previews: now support JSON, geojson, XML, ArcGIS REST, WMS, images, PDF, and ZIP data formats, as well as better support for previewing Data Resources that are hosted remotely.
  • Site Administrators: site administrators now have greatly expanded powers, including adding Pages, assigning Roles, better customizing DKAN’s theme, and much more.

Please see the full release notes for additional detail. As always, you can check out the latest version of DKAN in our demo, or spin up your own on Acquia or Pantheon. And of course if you would like a fully turnkey enterprise implementation of DKAN v1.13, get in touch for pricing of the Granicus Data SaaS service.

Have questions or comments? Let us know on our public DKAN repo in the issues queue or chat with us in our Slack team.

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