Welcome to the new DKAN Community Portal

Today, contemporaneous with the launch of DKAN v1.13, and shortly after with the launch of the new Granicus (following the recent merger between GovDelivery Inc. and the legacy Granicus Inc.), the DKAN team is proud to announce the launch of GetDKAN.com, a new community portal to better support the burgeoning open source DKAN community worldwide.

A fully open source project led by Granicus, DKAN is now used by governments in more than 30 countries worldwide.

In recognition of this growing end-user and developer community, GetDKAN is your one-stop shop to:

  • learn about DKAN’s features and capabilities (demos, live site examples, etc.)
  • connect with other DKAN users in its global user community (mailing list, Gitter chat, etc.)
  • receive free community DKAN support (docs, issue queues, etc.)
  • explore commercial support options, including the Granicus Data (DKAN) SaaS service

Contact us with questions, ideas, and feedback. Our Granicus team looks forward to hearing from you, and continuing to support you as your peers in the open source DKAN community.

More About DKAN and the Granicus Data (DKAN) SaaS Service

The Granicus team (originally under NuCivic Inc. and as part of GovDelivery Inc.), created the DKAN project in 2013, and continues to lead its development as an open source project now in 2017. Our core open data business remains the official software-as-a-service (SaaS) implementation of DKAN, which is now rebranded as Granicus Data (DKAN).

Granicus Data is a turnkey enterprise-grade solution designed to help govenments manage, publish, tell stories, and engage constituents with their open data without any technical burden. It comes complete with professional implementation by our data engagement experts, secure cloud hosting, and 24/7/365 support. Notable clients for Granicus Data include the US Health and Human Services, the State of California, the City of Louisville, and many more.

DKAN is also widely adopted by governments, NGOs and private sector corporations that are not Granicus clients, and we support and collaborate as peers with this broader open source community of collaborators.

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