DKAN 1.9 Features “Drag and Drop” Data Dashboards

NuCivic is proud to announce the release of DKAN version 1.9. Developers can grab the latest code on Github. Open Data enthusiasts can spin up a version for themselves for free at our hosting partners Acquia and Pantheon.

Drag and Drop Layouts

DKAN now supports “drag-and-drop” layout for all pages on the site. This allows non-developers to updating existing pages by adding custom content, widgets or other data visualization tools:Drag and drop layout or change the layout of existing pages: layout options This functionality is provided by Drupal’s Panels module which has become the most popular layout solution in Drupal. Administrators using DKAN can now click “Customize this Page” to expose the drag-and-drop interface: image04 Administrators have over a dozen layouts to choose from: image05 Layouts are fully responsive for desktop and mobile users. See our documentation for full details.

Data Stories and Data Dashboards

The 1.9 release adds the ability to create data-driven dashboards. We’ve made this easy with a several new tools:

  • drag-and-drop layouts for data dashboards
  • native visualization tools
  • easy integrations with outside visualization tools

Our drag-and-drop layouts are described above. We also have the option of adding map data, slideshows, videos, and other storytelling tools to our dashboard tool.

Native Visualization Tools

DKAN 1.9 includes the ability to create graphs, charts, and maps with your portal’s data using our native visualization tools. These tools include a charts and graphs wizard that makes it easy to dig into your catalog’s data and exhibit the latests graphs, trends, and available resources. The wizard takes users step by step through selecting, querying, and visualizing data:

image06 We’ve also added a choropleth mapping tool: image02

Integrating 3rd Party Visualization Tools

With DKAN 1.9 it’s easy to create data dashboards with graphics, maps, and images created with third-party tools as well. External visualizations can be added directly into dashboards and data stories with a few clicks, and then placed in the desired region on a data dashboard.

Many Other Feature Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and More

DKAN 1.9 was a big release for us. Some other notable features include an integration with Font Your Face, which along with our Colorizer integration and drag and drop interface described above, lets non-technical users control much of the layout and look of the site. See our full release notes for more details.

Github. Open Data enthusiasts can spin up a version for themselves for free at our hosting partners Acquia and Pantheon

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